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Professional Sub Zero appliance repair and service

We specialize in servicing and repairing all Sub Zero appliances. Our technicians are factory trained and can handle any Sub Zero repair. Contact us today to schedule a same day appointment. Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by to take you call.

Reliable Sub Zero Repair Services in Los Angeles

Sub Zero Repair Services

Once you experience our quality of work and professionalism, you will know why we are considered the #1 choice for Sub Zero repair services. We offer same day, night and weekend service ant no extra cost. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Why you should choose us

Sub Zero refrigeration units take a specialized technician to repair and service them. You shouldn't trust your local handyman with your Sub Zero refrigerator, trust our professional Sub Zero repair technicians. With over 20 years experience, you can be sure we have the know how to get the job done right.

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Although Sub-Zero only makes use of top-quality items in the manufacturing of their products, issues and technical problems arise once in a while. In these situations, what you need is a dependable service company that can meet your repair needs. Los Angeles Sub-Zero Repair  is geared towards solving all of your woes when it comes to your trusty cooling appliances.

Our company is staffed by professional repairmen who were directly trained under Sub-Zero. We specialize in meeting and exceeding the repair wants and needs of clients throughout the Los Angeles area. We understand that your Sub-Zero refrigerator is an indispensable kitchen appliance and that you need speedy and quick service to have it restored to its immaculate look and functions.

Sub-Zero parts and service warranty only run for several years. In addition, even if your Sub-Zero unit still is under warranty, you are still required to shell out a big amount of money for parts and accessories. At Los AngelesSub-Zero Repair service, we understand that times are tough. That’s why we supply professional repair service at affordable rates. We do not compromise the quality of materials that we use during repairs as manifested by authentic and all-original spare parts that we use for broken or defective model units.

Why choose Los Angeles Sub-Zero Repair Service?

  • Quick and Efficient Repair Services at Cheapest Rates

Why go through the hassle of contracting the services of highly-commercialized repair services, when our professional repairmen can fix your fridge and freezer problems right at the comfort of your own home. We understand that you need your Sub-Zero refrigerator to keep foods fresh, frozen, and well-preserved. Once you give us a call, we will dispatch our skilled technicians to diagnose and identify the problem of your Sub-Zero unit.

  • Genuine Sub-Zero Parts and Accessories

In order for your Sub-Zero fridge to be restored to its excellent working condition, broken down parts need to be replaced with original ones. Our company believes in the delivery of quality repair service as manifested through our rich stock of original parts and items. This eliminates the need for our clients to order needed spare parts from Sub-Zero, thus saving them time and money.

  • Factory-Trained Technicians

Another testament to our high value on excellent repair service is the fact that we only employ factory trained technicians. In addition, our repairmen are all licensed and insured. In addition, our courteous and professional repairmen arrive at your doorstep in full uniform. We appreciate your business, thus we ensure competent and highly-skilled repair technicians that can fix your Sub-Zero fridge in just one visit.

Aside from major and minor technical and electrical repairs, Los Angeles Sub-Zero Repair provides the following general services:

  • Sub-Zero installation services
  • Sub-Zero preventive services
  • Sub-Zero cleaning services
  • Sub-Zero maintenance services

Sub-Zero is undeniably the leading brand when it comes to both residential and commercial refrigeration products, freezers, and wine preservation units. They are considered to be the leading company when it comes to the development and production of top-of-the-line refrigeration units in the United States. Sub-Zero was borne out of the ingenious mind of Westye Bakke in 1945 in Madison, Wisconsin. The company has enjoyed numerous recognitions in the field of refrigeration and food preservation technology as Bakke was known to have developed innovations which eventually inspired competitors such as GE, Thermador, Viking, and Dacor to develop their own version of high-end refrigerators and freezer units.

Sub-Zero is popularly known to have released the first ever free-standing freezer in 1943. After this successful release, Sub-Zero continuously built fridge models and coolers that are efficient and reliable. The aesthetics and excellent features of Sub-Zero fridges have made the company the number one best seller among homeowners who highly value outstanding craftsmanship and ingenious innovations.

Consumers who are on the lookout for highly durable and reliable refrigerators end up purchasing Sub-Zero mainly due to the distinctive design and superior cooling features that each and every model offers. If your main goal is to buy a fridge that delivers adequate space to store perishable and frozen food items, there are no other brand that features the same wide and deep dimensions as Sub-Zero models and units. The abundance of features that can be seen in all refrigerators and freezer units from Sub-Zero comes equipped with a classic design; a stainless steel finish that Sub-Zero is popularly known for. In addition, all Sub-Zero products come can be custom-fitted into your existing kitchen interior or design, thus making it possible for you to achieve that sophisticated, well-integrated look.

If your goal is to look for the ultimate luxury refrigeration for your kitchen and one that is fully-packed with awesome, innovative features, there really is no other option for you but to purchase a Sub-Zero unit. The fine quality of materials, the cutting-edge innovations and features, and the impeccable design come with a price tag. Consider Sub-Zero model units as an investment since you can make use of your refrigerator or freezer unit for many years to come. It is then important to keep a Sub-Zero cooling appliance in good working condition all the time.

There are many good practices that consumers can follow to ensure longevity and reliability of their Sub-Zero units. Keeping the door tightly closed when you do not need to retrieve anything from the unit is one. Storing food items in sealed containers is yet another tip that you can follow in order to avoid spillage on the inside of the fridge. Cleaning the fridge on a monthly basis is also recommended so you can assess if any of the parts and accessories are still in good working condition. Lastly, having your Sub-Zero professionally assessed at least twice a year will ensure that no problem or technical issues are ignored while the model is in use.