About Us

Company Philosophy
Los Angeles Sub Zero Repair provides quality parts and services in the highest standards of our industry. We are on time, every time and recognize that our customers’ best interests are also our own.

Installation Department
After having spent the money in purchasing a Sub Zero or other top brand name product, please consider having your new refrigerator or freezer installed by a Los Angeles Sub Zero Repair professional. This is always a better investment than those extra warranties or service contracts that the retailers are always pushing on their clients. Sub Zero makes outstanding refrigerators, but like all modern high-end appliances they are somewhat temperamental and even a minor mistake on installation can significantly reduce its service life. Our experiences and reliable service crews use the latest tools and equipment and will work within your schedule to install your new Sub Zero product at your earliest convenience.

Service Department
The business of retail chains is sales, not service or repair. Service departments at the big retail stores will be quick to fault you for any problems you might experience with your newly purchased Sub Zero appliance, but slow to perform any repairs or replace any parts under the warranty they sold you. Many of our customers who have experienced our idea service now call Los Angeles Sub Zero Repair first, regardless of whether their retail-provided service contract is still in effect. Check our references and you will see that we show up on time and will not only get your repairs done right, but also get them done on schedule.

Our factory trained technicians are on alert to handle emergency service whenever required. Each radio-dispatched service truck is stocked with a full inventory of replacement parts and equipment. Each service truck also contains refrigerant recovery units in order to prevent the illegal venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere.

Preventive Maintenance
Do you have your car serviced regularly, or do you just keep driving it until it stops running? We hope it’s the former, and encourage you to treat your kitchen and other appliances the same way. Preventive maintenance for your Sub Zero appliances is always a cheaper alternative to emergency repairs or having to purchase a replacement. Remember Murphy’s Law: a neglected refrigerator could break down on you just when you can least afford it. We tailor our maintenance contracts to the individual needs and budgets of our customers, and will not try to oversell you. Time and again, our maintenance programs have more than aid for themselves by limiting the operating, repair, and replacement costs of Sub Zero refrigerators and other major appliances.